Both bands, Danko Jones as well as Audrey Horne, are coming back to The Netherlands on a regular base; this year playing two shows in 'tulip country'; one in Tilburg on Saturday night followed by this gig in Amsterdam a day later.

Bergen-based hardrockers Audrey Horne got the task to warm up the crowd and the ones of you who had the chance to see the Norwegian quintet during an earlier show know, that these guys will succeed - and the did. The band focused again on the "Youngblood' album from 2013 and the ones of you who have seen the guys at last years Dynamo Metalfest are very familiar with the tunes, unfortunately this time without the smasher "There Goes the Lady". However, fans of the quintet could get over it since the guys added with "California" a brand new track to their setlist. If this track is representing the new material, Audrey Horne is strengthening the classic rock vibe with new songs that seem to sound awesome.

And what could finish a show from the Bergen-quintet better than jumping off the stage on the floor, performing "Straight Into the Grave" surrounded by fans that were partly surprised and mainly highly enthusiastic. It's only rock'n'roll and I like it, that's what an Audrey Horne show is about.

Audrey Horne was and is a pretty cool band; musicians who love the stage and like to play live. It was a great, and also challenging decision of Danko Jones to take the guys with him on tour. Good band, good songs, good attitude - horns up.

Live Report DANKO JONES /AUDREY HORNE, Melkweg, Amsterdam, 19.03.2017
Live Report DANKO JONES /AUDREY HORNE, Melkweg, Amsterdam, 19.03.2017
Live Report DANKO JONES /AUDREY HORNE, Melkweg, Amsterdam, 19.03.2017

Danko Jones left the winterly Toronto, embarking on a tour through Europe. The Amsterdam show marked the middle of the tour of Danko Jones and his two partner in crime - John Calabrese and Rich Knox. 

Concerts of the Canadian guitarist are energy boosts and the Melkweg show was no exception. "I Gotta Rock" was the first out of 21 songs that turned the venue into a madhouse. It was a very clear statement about what this evening is about - rock'n'roll, power and no compromise.

The three-piece band pushed the pedal to the metal, from the first note to the last tone played that night. As always, Danko Jones and his band where fully motivated and with each tune that was blown into the hungry rock'n'roll crowd, the temperature rose at Melkweg. Talking about the fans; the trio has a pretty wide fanbase - from younger kids up to older fans who already appreciated the 70's rock days. This show was party of different generations, all fascinated by rock.

As mentioned earlier, the set featured 21 songs and the choice of tracks was no reason for complaint. The band focused on the last two records, "Wild Cat" and "Fire Music", but there was also enough old stuff, like "Lovercall" from the 2002 debut, that helped to turn the venue into a temple of rock'n'roll. Even though Danko Jones has many songs in his repertoire he also added a cover version to this show. The Clash have been honored that night with a heavy version of "I'm So Bored With the U.S.A..

That Danko Jones is, next to being a passionate guitar player and good singer, a great entertainer too is what he showed partly between the songs. This man loves his fans and talking to them is more than an obligation; it's a pleasure for the Canadian rocker. So he 'sold' a slightly adjusted verse of "The Twisting Knife" as a goodie for the fans, he appreciated that fans came to listen to his songs even though there are billion of songs existing and he showed his appreciation for everybody who came to a show on a Sunday night, without even thinking about Monday. And as he stated somewhere during the show: "I'm enjoying myself immensely", something that was more than obvious.

Danko Jones stands for pure adrenaline that gets even an extra boost the moment he enters the stage; at least this is what can feel as being part of such an event. He uses music and his songs as an outlet, electrifying the fans with every single song. This Sunday night in March was a hot one with bands and fans heading for the same aim - loud music, fun and party. 


Live Report DANKO JONES /AUDREY HORNE, Melkweg, Amsterdam, 19.03.2017
Live Report DANKO JONES /AUDREY HORNE, Melkweg, Amsterdam, 19.03.2017
Live Report DANKO JONES /AUDREY HORNE, Melkweg, Amsterdam, 19.03.2017

Setlist Danko Jones:

  1. I Gotta Rock
  2. Play the Blues
  3. Sugar Chocolate
  4. First date
  5. You Are My Woman
  6. Code of the Road
  7. The Twisting Knife
  8. Forget My Name
  9. Do You Wanna Rock
  10. Legs
  11. Full of Regret
  12. My Little Roc'n'Roll
  13. Had Enough
  14. Going Out Tonight
  15. Watch You Slide
  16. Cadillac
  17. Lovercall
  18. Gonna Be A Fight Tonght
  19. Rock Shit Hot (Encore)
  20. I'm So Bored With the U.S.A.(Encore)
  21. Mountain (Encore)


Setlist Audrey Horne:

  1. Redemption Blues
  2. This Ends Here
  3. Youngblood
  4. Pretty Little Sunshine
  5. California
  6. Out of the City
  7. Waiting for the Night
  8. Straight Into the Grave


Location: Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Date: 19.03.2017


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