Three weeks prior to Delain's co-headliner North America tour with Hammerfall the Dutch six-piece band embarked on a small Dutch club tour. Having played already three sows with two more to come, Delain also stopped in Amstelveen's P60, a nice venue in close proximity to Amsterdam.

Next to the main act the venue also hosted Aeverium from Germany who got the role of being the opening act. I'm deeply ashamed to admit that I missed the guys from Viersen so far. The more I was curious about the songs and their show. Aerverium didn't bring that much new to the table. Two singers, Aeva Maureel with a more classic voice and Marcel Roemer adding the rock timbre, isn't something that's totally new. However, the songs of the Aeverium sounded quite good and I actually ask myself why the band is sometimes described as 'gothic metal'. Aeverium plays well-done melodic metal that takes it's energy from a solid working rhythm section, heavy guitar riffs and the two singers as the icing on the cake.

The quintet was well-received by Delain fans. The energy in the room grew with each song played, peaking in a more than warm applause at the end of the 30 minutes set. Next to known material the band also played with "Time" the title track from the upcoming album and also premiered the first single from the album live on stage. Aeverium's show was entertaining and time was flying towards what most of the fans came for: Delain - the main act.


After a 40 minutes break, that felt a bit too long, Delain entered the stage. The band started a show that could have had the header of 'Friday night, party night' with the band igniting a firework of rock. High motivation of band and fans, high level of energy in the room and great symphonic metal songs have led to an enthusiastic vibe in the almost 'sold out' venue. 

The six-piece band from Zwolle started with a triple from the latest studio album "Moonbathers". "Hands of Gold", the super catchy "Suckerpunch" and "The Glory and the Scum" got fans' adrenalin flowing. "Army of Dolls", from the "The Human Condition" release, increased fans enthusiasm and the longer the band played the more the concert turned into a party on a Friday night; even supported by a confetti shooter towards the end of the set. Three more songs from "Moonbathers" has made it on the setlist, which was for the rest a well balanced and well-chosen mix of old and new stuff. 

What needs to be mentioned as well was the fantastic sound the show benefited from. Powerful, balanced and well adjusted describes it in the best way; adding 1-2 levels of heaviness to each of the tunes, compared to the album versions. 

Delain rocked the house that night and I guess, if you would have asked the fans, this show could have continued forever. Anyhow, after 90 minutes the last tone faded away and the outro marked the end of the a great show done by a band that underlined their position in the the Premier League of melodic metal. 


Live report DELAIN/AEVERIUM, P60, Amstelveen, 17.03.2017
Live report DELAIN/AEVERIUM, P60, Amstelveen, 17.03.2017
Live report DELAIN/AEVERIUM, P60, Amstelveen, 17.03.2017
Live report DELAIN/AEVERIUM, P60, Amstelveen, 17.03.2017


  1. Hands of Gold
  2. Suckerpunch
  3. The Glory and the Scum
  4. Get the Devil out of Me
  5. Army of Dolls
  6. The Hurricane
  7. April Rain
  8. Here Comes the Vulture
  9. Fire With Fire
  10. Danse Macabre
  11. Sleepwalkers Dream
  12. Stay Forever
  13. The Gathering
  14. Pristine
  15. Mother Machine
  16. Don't Let Go
  17. We are the Others


Location: P60, Amstelveen, The Netherlands

Date: March 17th, 2017

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