(7/10) Vancouver, British Colambia is the hometown of this death metal powerhouse that comes up with oldschool metal. Death metal roots and thrash influences are blended, leading to ten songs that all made it on the band's debut. 

After having published an EP, entitled "Apotheosis", the fourpiece band came up with their debut, which was published a few days ago. "The Laws of Power" is a brutal metal attack that takes its inspiration from bands like Possessed, Dark Angel and old school US death Metal. 

The two key components of Assimilation are the deep growls of Jesse Jardine and the pretty good guitar sound of Matthew Chanway. Combined with a rhythm section that's powering like a working horse, the band delivers a sonic assault that right into your face.

This album comes with well-done songs, even though some are real highlights while some others are more average. The album doesn't give you a moment of peace and silence. It's a sinister growls and a raging riff that kicks-off the title track,. "Sigil of the False God" isn't a milestone in death metal. It's more the raw and edgy underground spirit that gives this album its special vibe. The opener delivers the blueprint for the other nine songs that, with a bit of variation, are uncompromising metal blasts. Songs you should have heard are, next to the opener, "Mastery" and "Personal Vendetta".

What actually could have helped the songs and the album would have been a better production. The sound is mostly too flat and doesn't fully support the aggressiveness that included in the songs. 

Anyhow, "The Laws of Power" is a well-done debut that fans of Possessed and Obituary should check out. Assimilation shows some potential that can be further evolved on a next longplayer.





  1. Sigil Of The False God
  2. Decapitated By Beasts
  3. Laws Of Power
  4. Karmic Future
  5. Mastery
  6. Apotheosis
  7. Remotion Of The Succubus
  8. ersonal Vendetta
  9. S.L.D.
  10. Massive Liquidation
  11. Apotheosis (2015)
  12. Decapitated By Beasts (2015)
  13. Idle No More (2015)
  14. Personal Vendetta (2015) 


Label: SOAL

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: March 17th, 2017

CD review ASSIMILATION "The Laws of Power"
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