(8/10) Basel-based Bitch Queens has a new album in the starting blocks, ready to score. The guys worked further on evolving their powerful hardrock that comes with a strong punk influence too, an ambition they successfully managed.

The album starts with an energizing triple. "Anti-Social is the first out of these three numbers. Vocals and a heavy bassline are the foundation for the tune that works pretty well. More moderate paced "Deadbeat Generation" is next, a raunchy rock song with good hooks. The grooving "Denim and Leather" stands for another energizer.

The moment when Bitch Queen's stretches the limits is the closer "Techno is Dead". It's a furious rock song that underlines what the title states. The embedded samples emphasis the message and stand for a little twist to the standard approach. A moment. That makes you smile, esp. when the David Guetta spoken word section begins.

Bitch Queens definitely developed since their latest longplayer "Kill Your Friends". Scandinavian rock influences became stronger and the songs sound more thought through without losing their punch. Bitch Queens' newest album is a step further for the band that shows that Switzerland has more to offer than only watches, cheese and chocolate.





  1. Anti-Social
  2. Deadbeat Generation
  3. Naked or Denim
  4. Polymeric Lover
  5. R-Rated
  6. B-Stock Babies
  7. Devine Receiver
  8. Boy Toy of Glory
  9. Collateral Damage
  10. Girls Girls Boys
  11. Techno is Dead


Label: LuxNoise

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: May 5th, 2017

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