(8/10) New stuff from Atlanta, Georgia is on its way to Europe. It’s rock powerhouse Biters who have been in the studio, recording their sophomore longplayer “The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be".

Tuk Smith, Mat Gabs, Phil Anthony and Joey O’Brien manage the balancing act between modern times and a nostalgic feeling. Their music sounds fresh and dynamic while also including references to 70’s and 80’s rock music. You could almost say that the quartet writes timeless music – in a positive sense.

Biters stand for an authentic attitude and down-to-earth music. This makes them stick out of the constantly growing amount of bands in rock and metal. With “Let it Roll” the band puts a clear statement in pole-position of the new record. The song breathes rock’n’roll from beginning to end and acts as a well-chosen opener for what comes next.

The 70’s are coming back with “Stone Cold Love”, a song that reminds of T-Rex and Co.. The slower paced “Callin’ You Home” follows, a tune that needed a bit of time to grow before it’s in full bloom.

“Don’t Turn This Good Heart Bad” is another track that undusts 70’s rock, this time with some cross-references to Bachman-Turner Overdrive. “Gypsy Rose” strengthens the rock’n’roll vibe before “No Stranger to Heartache” is a straightforward rocker with a bluesy expression. The blues gets even more dominant with “Vulture City”. Some ZZ Top guitars spice-up this song that belongs to the best ones on the album.

The piano becomes more attention with the melancholic “Hollywood”. The soulful song includes a lot of feel and could be seen as a half-ballad. Biters managed to create an emotional song that is very touching. The same goes for the closer “Goin’ Back to Georgia” which is the closer. Biters finish with an acoustic ballad that is more than just well crafted. The band manage to write an emotive song that’s touching with being miles away from these standardized ballads we hear so often these days. That's how a more quite song needs to sound like.

Biter began their adventure in rock in 2009. Eight years later they can look back on two excellent longplayers and a lot of appreciation from a growing fan base. This is good stuff you shouldn’t miss.





  1. Let itRoll
  2. Stone Cold Love
  3. Callin' You Home
  4. Don't Turn This Good Heart Bad
  5. No Stranger to Heartache
  6. Vulture City
  7. Hollywood
  8. Chasin' the Feeling
  9. Goin' Back to Georgia


Label: Earache Records

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: May 19th, 2017

CD review BITERS "The Future Ain't What It Used to Be"
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