(7/10) Crazy Lixx is one of Malmo’s most important hardrock export article these days. The five-piece group celebrates their 15th band anniversary this year, a time in which they published four albums plus a new one that's entitles “Ruff Justice”.

The longplayer comes with ten new songs of which two have appeared on the ”Friday the 13th” videogame soundtrack earlier. The two tracks are the darker but melodic “Killer” that varies a bit when it comes to sound. The second one is the catchy closer “Live Before I Die” which follows the recipe for success that already the early Bon Jovi used effectively. Melodies and hooks are supporting each other, acting as an extra layer of sugar glaze on a tasty cake.

The best song of the album is placed in the middle of the ‘batting order’. “Hunter of the Heart” might not be a homerun but it’s the solid two-base hit on the album. It’s a tune with unleashed guitars that are balanced with good melodies, all getting across in an energetic way that revitalizes the 80’s. Crazy Lixx are best when shifting gears. The up-tempo “Kiss of Judas” is such a song that belongs, together with the mentioned “Hunter of the Heart”, to the highlights on this longplayer.

These songs shine even more while competing with some average rock songs that are too much dressed for success. “Walk the Wire” became too trivial and also “Snakes in Paradise” uses the standard Cookie-cutter approach, missing the ease and soul. The tunes are nicely done but far away from a breath-taking experience.

“Ruff Justice” is a record with a certain entertaining factor but also misses the moments that make the album stick in your memory.





  1. Wild Child
  2. XIII
  3. Wake the Wire
  4. Shot With a Needle of Love
  5. Killer
  6. Hunter of the Heart
  7. Snakes oi Paradise
  8. If It's Love
  9. Kiss of Judas
  10. Live Before I Die


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: April 21st, 2017

CD review CRAZY LIXX "Ruff Justice"
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