(8/10) Face Down Hero released already five longplayers, spread out over the bands 13 years history. The sixth strike is out as we speak and it’s another thrash metal inferno that’s started by the Marburg-based metal outfit.

Face Down Hero’s sound features a lot of Bay Area thrash trademarks, which becomes the most obvious with “Peddlars of Fear”. This high-speed thrash anthem includes all you could ask for – power, speed and dynamic. That Face Down Hero is very inspired by the earlier Metallica becomes very obvious too , but isn’t something wrong or bad. It’s more the refreshing way of interpreting Hetfield and Co., inflaming a fire that’s hotter than what Metallica did over the last years – including their latest album.

Next to this highlight there are some other tunes on the album, which are excellent ones too. The opener, as an example, starts with a sphereful embedded guitar lead that slowly evolves to a raging metal highlight. The beginning of “Last Exit Calls” reminds of Helloween before the track turns into a melodic thrash song that comes with well-placed breaks and some surprising twists.

In total the album features nine songs of which each comes out of the gates very well.  Face Down Hero can do more than just pushing the pedal to the metal. The band can also create some more silent moments, like in the beginning of “Echoes of the Sun”. Of course things don’t stay silent since the tunes has also its louder section in the chorus. However, it’s a more melodic track that shows the width of Face Down Hero’s musical range – and it’s one of the highlights on this album.

Next to the songs it’s also the sound that makes this longplayer to a more than average one. Martin Buchwalter, who also worked with bands like Destruction and Tankard, gave “False Evidence Appearing Real” a dynamic and forceful expression that completes a very positive appeal.

Face Down Hero’s sixth album might not be matchless, but it’s done with dedication and passion for detail. These guys make music because they like what they’re doing and not for any other reason.





  1. Nation Fractured
  2. Last Exir Call
  3. The Newborn Me
  4. Goodbye to all Heroes
  5. Peddlars of Fear
  6. Legion
  7. Wolfchild
  8. Echoes of the Sun
  9. When a Promise Becomes a Lie


Label: Yonha Records

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: April 21st, 2017

CD review FACE DOWN HERO "False Evidence Appearing Real"
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