(8/10) The Bay Area isn't located in Australia but it's the Bay Area metal sound that crossed the ocean. Thrash metal stranded at the Australian East coats and has been picked up by a four-piece band called Harlott.

Harlott are Andrew Hudson, Ryan Butler, Tomas Richards and Tim Joyce. The quratet started a bit more than ten years ago. "Virus" and "None", both EP's, have been the first countable results of their fruitful collaboration with "Origin" as the debut. Since this moment in time the band releases new records every second year which means that the crucial third longplayer is here and now in the starting blocks. 

"Extinction" features twelve songs that are a delight for fans of bands like Exodus and Slayer. The first ones influenced the guitar sound and it's Exodus' Gary Holt guitar style that shimmers through more than once. Andrew Hudson's voice instead shows some parallels with Tom Araya which makes the entire album to a vicious thrash metal assault.

The title track starts with a kind of intro before hell breaks loose with the first riff that immediately brings back the Exodus-vibe. Eleven more metal attacks follow; songs that don't give a moment of recovering. Regardless if it's spot-on speed inferno "Violent Conspirator" or the 7 minutes "And Darkness Brings the Light", each of the songs acts as a raging argument for metal. 

"Extinction" isn't a musical revolution. This longplayer is pure entertainment on a high level - a record that captures the power of youth in a dynamic and refreshing way. These twelve songs are not more, but also not less, than a perfect soundtrack for a good time.





  1. Extinction
  2. First world solutions
  3. The penitent
  4. Whore
  5. No past
  6. Conflict revelation
  7. Better off dead
  8. Violent conspirator
  9. And darkness brings the light
  10. Final weapon
  11. Parasite
  12. Epitaph



Label: Metal Blade Records

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: March 7th, 2017
CD review HARLOTT "Extinction"
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