(8/10) Nightrage belongs to the group of bands that, with a high level of motivation, is releasing records on a constant base. In 2003 the debut “Sweet Vengeance” hit the surface, an album that remains as being the reference record for everything that came afterwards. At that time the Greek/Swedish/French cooperation celebrated a death metal feast that included, next to Marios Ilopolous, also guys like Gus G., Tomas Lindberg and Brice Leclercq. I still can remember this jaw-dropping experience when I listened for the first time to this bloodcurdling growls of Lindberg in the beginning of “The Tremor”.

Over time Nightrage went through many line-up changes and the list of band members just gets longer and longer. The newest strike of Iliopulous’ band is entitled “Venomous” and it includes again two new musicians that contributed to it. Magnus Soederman (g) and Lawrence Dinamarca (d) enhances the band that recorded twelve new tracks for “The Venomous”.

The longplayer is theme-wise build on a statement which is: “We are the only cure to the poison we spit”. The record isn't a concept-based one, however, the sentence stands for a common theme that's very relevant in these crazy times.

The first two songs on the album give you an immediate overview of the width of sounds you can expect from “The Venomous”. The title track starts with an acoustic part and a well done lead guitar before the tune gains heaviness. With all the power that’s build into each note played, the songs stays quite melodic and includes smart hooks. That’s one side of Nightrage. “Metamorphosis/Day of Wrath” shows you the other extreme of a band that stayed true to themselves over all these years. The tune is a raging and ultra-fast number that includes blastbeats that are partly quite blackened. And even while playing very fast Nightrage never loses their sense for a good melody which comes back in this sonic steamhammer too.

Nightrage will be measured against their first two albums and I must say that “The Venomous” doesn’t come with the same class. This doesn’t mean that their seventh album isn’t good. Nightrage unveils the sonic sledgehammer with excellent (melodic) death metal tracks that are worth to be listened to.





  1. The Venomous
  2. Metamorphosis/Day of Wrath
  3. In Abhorrence
  4. Affliction
  5. Catharsis
  6. Bemoan
  7. The Blood
  8. From Ashes into Stone
  9. Trail Of Ghosts
  10. Disturbia
  11. Desolation and Dismay
  12. Denial of the Soul (Instrumental)


Label: Despotz Records

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: March 31st, 2017

CD review NIGHTRAGE "The Venomous"
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