(8/10) Swedish snowmelt in Trollhätten unveils a new album from Trial. "Motherless" is the band's third release and the first one for Metal Blade Records. As with the first two discs, Trial decided to go again for a metal feast with songs that are rooted in traditional heavy metal with cross-references to bands like Iron Maiden ("Motherless").

Trial never used the simple way forward, always building on more complex song structures for their tracks. Like in "In Empyrean Labour", it's a progressive approach that's very much in the forefront and it takes a while before this number reveals the full beauty. The galloping "Cold Comes the Night" uses the same take and with the high-pitch screams of singer Linus Johansson I had to think about Merciful Fate more than once. Talking about Johansson; this guys is a real metal siren who, with his voice, is one of the trademarks of this Swedish quintet.

The length of songs increases as the album progresses. It starts with "Aligerous Architct" which is the first track that is for over six minutes. Being longer than the earlier tunes on the album doesn't mean that the song is slower paced. It's an uptempo number that reflects pure metal with fast guitars leads, heavy riffs and excellent vocals. Towards the end there's a more silent section that acts as a kind of outro. The gloomy tones of "Birth" are what comes next. Again beyond the six minutes the song is a sinister and silent one that gives the listener a feeling of discomfortable fascination. Trial keeps the passage to "Embodiment" almost seamless. Here we are facing a nine minutes epic masterpiece that is the centerpiece of the album. A certain complexity can't be denied listening to this track, a fact that makes "Embodiment" to an electric high on "Motherless".

The end of Trial's third longplayer is a silent one. "Rebirth" is mainly an acoustic song in which Johansson's vocals are accompanied by acoustic guitars and some drum beats. It's a very soulful closer that slowly builds up in the last two minutes without evolving to a real headbanger.

"Motherless" is a logical next step that follows the well-done "Vessel" album. The band from Trollhätten fine-tuned their music with an album that shows a band who's self-reliant and passionate when it comes to their sound and their songs.





  1. Motherless
  2. In Empyrean Labour
  3. Cold Comes the Night
  4. Juxtaposed
  5. Aligerous Architect
  6. Birth
  7. Embodiment
  8. Rebirth


Label: Metal Blades Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: April 7th, 2017

CD review TRIAL (SWE) "Motherless"
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