(8/10) Here comes some prog power from the North. Finland is the home base of Wheel, a metal outfit that started 2 years ago. “The Path” is the first countable result of their work – a three track EP that provides 23 minutes of surprisingly good progressive metal.

Recorded at 5by5 Studios in Helsinki the disc can be seen as an appetizer for next release which is planned for late 2017. “Farewell” is the first tune, featuring heavy riffs that blends with melodic vocal lines. Especially the beginning, with the strong groove, brought bands like the mighty Tool to my mind. The song is a constant interplay between loud and harsh on the one hand while also being more silent at other moments. These six minutes should be checked out by fans of modern progressive metal.

After such an energetic opener the beginning of “The Change” feels like a quiet and harmonic entry point into a song that slowly gains heaviness; standing for the second strike on this three-track EP. Last but not least there’s the title track that’s the closer at the same time. It’s a more complex number that comes with a multi-layered approach. The emotional aspect is more in the forefront and there is a silent melancholy that’s weaved into the track.

Wheel is an interesting newcomer for fans of progressive metal and their first EP will definitely help them to largen their fan base.





  1. Farewell
  2. The Change
  3. The Path


Label: Umbrella Artist Productions

Genre: Prog Metal

Release Date EU: April 21st, 2017

CD review WHEEL "The Path" EP
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