(8/10) The ones of you who saw AC/DC's live DVD “Live at River Plate” know that the Argentinean heart beats for more than purely tango music. The vibe in this crowd was just amazing, celebrating each of the hardrock classics from Down Under.

Knowing this passion for heavy rock music must lead, as a  logical consequence, to some local bands celebrating blues based hardrock too and ‘Yes’, they exist. One of these bands is 42 Decibel, hailing from Argentina. Nicko Cambiasso founded the quartet back in 2010; an initiative that led to a debut called “Hard Rock’n’Roll”. The title couldn’t have been chosen better, because it immediately clarifies what 42 Decibel's is about: rock’n’roll music that’s inspired by Angus Young and his gang but also groups like Led Zeppelin, ZZ top and others had an impact on what the four-piece band plays.

The next strike is planned for 2017 with the new longplayer “Overloaded”. In contradiction to the title, the songs on the album aren’t ‘overloaded’. 42 Decibel’s music is more basic, vintage and oldschool with a sound that is very warm and organic, including an authentic vibe. “Overloaded” is a very well executed marriage of blues and rock with a result that surprised me. It’s hard to not get caught up by the riffs and groove that’s a substantial part of each of the tracks. Already while listening to the album for the first time the starting triple of songs created a glance in the eye. But the real hit is “Roadkiller”. It’s the best track on a good album and the nonchalant way of singing highlights the potential and passion of vocalist Junior Figueroa. This man is a real win for the band.

Doubters might say that there are many other bands that are busy in the same field and they are right. But what makes the difference with 42 Decibel is the underground feeling and the dedication for rock solid music that just does the job – getting across a good and positive party vibe that feels authentic and real. I like.





  1. Whiskey Joint
  2. Dangerous Mess
  3. Brawler
  4. Roadkiller
  5. Hot Shot
  6. Half Face Dead
  7. Lost Case
  8. Cause Damage
  9. Double Itch Blues
  10. Cannon Fodder


Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: June 23rd, 2017

CD review 42 DECIBEL "Overloaded"
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