(8/10) 7 Miles To Pittsburgh is a bit of a strange name for a band but I must say that it stays in mind. I have no idea about what happens 7 miles outside of Pittsburgh and what triggered Andrew Elt, Martin Helmantel and Joris Lindner to go for this name, but what I do know is that the songs they publish under this banner are really good.

The start of 7 Miles To Pittsburg was in 2014 when Helmantel and Lindner started to realize their longtime ambition of writing and recording songs together. Both knew each other since many years and the fact that both call Eindhoven their hometown helped to get things started.

The self-titled debut is the result of this cooperation, an album that comes with ten hardrock song of high quality. Things start in a rocking fashion with “Same Size” and “Pittsburgh”. Melodic hardrock with well-done hooks is what reaches your ears and mind, before the calmer beginning of “Lost & Found” gives you the impression of a ballad being next in the batting order. Wrong impression though since the tune builds up to a powerful melodic rocker that sounds awesome. There is a half-ballad on the album too, coming more towards the end. “21 Grams” is the name of this quiet and reflective number that comes with a lot of feel. I think it benefits the album that there isn’t any ballad overkill weaved into the tracklist. Some of the numbers, like “Damn” feature acoustic parts but always build up to dynamic rock songs. Actually it’s these variations within songs making the longplayer to an exciting experience for listeners.

7 Miles To Pittsburgh is a truly positive surprise. Their debut is a very damn good release that deserves attention inside and outside of Holland.





  1. Same Size Soul
  2. Pittsburgh
  3. Lost and Found
  4. Earth Dance
  5. Jambalaya
  6. Damn
  7. Imaginary Friend
  8. Above the Fold
  9. 21 Grams
  10. If All Else Fails


Label: Suburban Records

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: June 2nd, 2017

CD review 7 MILES TO PITTSBURGH "Seven Miles to Pittsburgh"
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