(8/10) Dragonforce is a band that can build on a very solid fanbase as well as the guys are also confronted with metalheads not really appreciating their high speed metal approach. Opinions differ when it comes to Dragonforce.

However, fans of Frederic Leqlercq and Co. will look forward to May 19th when Dragonforce will publish their newest longplayer "Reaching Into Infinity". The record comes with twelve new songs and with a bonus track as part of the special edition package.

The band's seventh studio release is an interesting one since the sextett varies their music quite a lot. "Reaching Into Infinity" contains these racing metal tunes that we know from Dragonforce. "Judgement Day" and "Astral Empire" are uptempo tunes as we know it from earlier releases by the sextett.

But there's more to discover than only high-speed metal tracks with furious guitar solos. "Silence", as an example, is a ballad that is positioned in the middle of the album which gives this longplayer and the listener a moment to breath. A song that's coming with a more moderate pace too is "Ashes of the Dawn". Here we're talking about a strong power metal anthem that's entertaining from beginning to end. To balance these moments Dragonforce recorded "WAR!" which is the most brutal tune in this release. The band shifts gears when it comes to this song, entering the fields of thrash metal. It has a melodic bridge but all in all it's a raging metal assault that belongs to the winners on this longplayer.

Another tune you should check-out is the epical "The Edge of the World". Eleven minutes of well-crafted metal, that's what this song is about. It features light hand guitar solos, heavy riffs, good breaks and a mid-pace tempo. What acts as the peperoni on this metal pizza are the growls that are weaved in, giving this epos an unexpected twist.

I never belonged to the die-hard Dragonforce supporters but I have to admit that this album is entertaining; coming with variations and tweaks that are exciting and fun to listen to. "Reaching Into Infinity" might be attractive for more people than only Dragonforce fans.





  1. Reaching Into Infinity
  2. Ashes of the Dawn
  3. Judgement Day
  4. Astral Empire
  5. Curse of Darkness
  6. Silence
  7. Midnight Madness
  8. WAR!
  9. Land of Sahttered Dreams
  10. The Edge of the World
  11. Our Final Stand
  12. Hatred and revenge
  13. Evil Dead


Label: earMUSIC

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: May 19th, 2017

CD review DRAGONFORCE "Reaching Into Infinity"
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