(7/10) When I first got this album I had to think about Obituary. This has less to do with the music itself. It’s more the artwork of “Fleischfilm”. It's the red logo, the blue expression and the eye that reminded me of the Tampa, Florida-based death metal pioneers' "Cause of Death". For the rest, things are slightly different with Eisregen.

“Fleichfilm” is the first album of the German band that’s build on a concept. Inspired by 70’s Italian horror movies the band releases eleven songs on their 12th longlayer, all having a morbid theme and a blood-curdling atmosphere.

Eisregen build up a solid fanbase with each of their previous records but there’s also a move in their sound over time that added controversy; a development leading to the newest release with keyboards getting more into the forefront (“Jenseits der Dunkelheit”). This doesn’t mean at all, that the band enters the mainstream with “Fleischfilm”. It’s more the guitars and keyboards getting evil partners in creating a sound that transfers a horror movie sphere very well.

As with the previous releases also the new longplayer comes with German lyrics. “Drei Muetter” marks the starting point of this record, a song that is quite melodic and comes with a choir, both giving the number an unexpected new expression.

But Eisregen also moves with some of the tracks more towards Rammstein. “Tiefrot” is one of the songs that make you think about Lindemann and Co.. The variety of sounds on the album is wide while still being a 100% Eisenregen. The mid-tempo “Menschenfresser” contains some piano parts in the beginning, before the heavy riffs takes over while “Syndikat des Schreckens” comes with a total different approach. This tune is a more creepy dark rock song that doesn’t really fit to the rest of the album.

To sum up, “Fleischfilm”s main inspiration has been older horror movies and what Eisregen delivers with the album fits exactly to what they were aiming for. This album is a creepy and morbid soundtrack for a movie that doesn’t exist. Fans of the band will like what they get served while the rest of the metal world will have the same issues as it was with earlier releases.





  1. Drei Mütter
  2. Hauch des Todes
  3. Jenseits der Dunkelheit
  4. Die letzte Reise des Alan Yates (Metamorphose 2)
  5. Auf den Spuren der Säge
  6. Tiefrot
  7. Nahe der Friedhofsmauer
  8. Menschenfresser
  9. Syndikat des Schreckens
  10. Im Blutrausch
  11. Satan der Rache
  12. Nachts kommt das Delirium (Digipak Bonus)


Label: Massacre Records

Genre: Dark Metal

Release Date EU: May 5th, 2017

CD review EISREGEN "Fleischfilm"
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