(9/10) One of the first bands that brought me to hard rock music and metal later on was Whitesnake. "Trouble" was their first album I bought and it was a jaw-dropping experience. That Whitesnake became that popular was something you could guess at that time, but it was actually really impressive to experience the musicianship that was included in the band. Coverdale, Marsden, Lord, Dowle and the two gentlemen that later on started Snakecharmer - Micky Moody and Neil Murray, all great musicians. Their goodbye from Whitesnake was definitely a loss for the band and the bigger was the enthusiasm hearing that these two guys initiated Snakecharmer, a hardrock supergroup. The band released a debut in 2013, which was very well received by media and fans of classic rock. In the meantime Moody left the group that consists these days out of Murray, Chris Ousey (Heartland), Laurie Wisefeld (Wishbone Ash), Harry James (Thunder, Magnum), Adam Wakeman (Ozzy Osbourne) and Simon McBride who took over Moody's role on the six string.

Mid May was the moment of truth when this highly skilled group of musicians released their new longplayer "Second Skin". It's the bands sophomore longplayer, an album that's filled with excellent rock song. Snakecharmer bases their music on 70's and early 80's classic rock. Bands like the early Whitesnake and Bad Company delivered the blueprint for the band's tunes and also some Foreigner comes back here and there.

The album features eleven rock anthems that show all the passion and experience of everybody involved. Bluesy guitars, great solos, excellent vocals by Ousey and a hard-working rhythm section are the ingredients for each of the tracks on the album. Songs are all awesome on this record. The good vibe rocker "Sound Like a Plan" opens this scenery of rock. I actually could mention though each of the songs, but you better listen to them yourself. However there are a few tracks I would like to stand still for a moment. The grooving "Are You Ready to Fly" is a highlight, not only on this album. Next to the latest Deep Purple album it's the best I have heard in contemporary classic rock since quite a while. You also should check out the light-hearted “Follow Me Under" and also ballads are well done on this release. Blues is deeply weaved into songs like "Fade Away" which gives the album these soulful moments.

Snakecharmer's second album can easily handle a comparison with the predecessor.

Rock fans all over the world shouldn't miss this brilliant longplayer.





  1. Sounds Like a Plan
  2. That Kind of Love
  3. Are You Ready To Fly
  4. Follow Me Under
  5. I'll Take You as You Are
  6. Hell of a Way to Live
  7. Fade Away
  8. Dress It Up
  9. Punching Above My Weight
  10. Forgive & Forget
  11. Where Do We Go from Here


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Classic Rock

Release Date EU: May 12th, 2017

CD review SNAKECHARMER "Second Skin"
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