(8/10) Interested in some real heavy metal from the underground? Yes? In this case you shouldn’t miss Stallion’s sophomore release “From the Dead”. The guys from Baden-Wuerttemberg published their debut in 2014. “Rise and Ride” was a first wake-up call that’s followed here and now by their newest stunner “From the Dead”, a longplayer that comes with ten songs, 45 minutes playtime and a real metal vibe.

“Underground Society” kicks things off. This song speaks volumes since the band puts all their verve into this up-tempo metal track. This tune is a real headbanger with a lot of undusted oldschool metal being included. No wonder that the guys fitted perfect into the line-up of the famous Keep It True festival, which they took by storm.

Stallion knows the ropes – from fast songs like “Hold the Line” to power metal hymns like “Awake the Night”. Even Lizzy Borden–moments are included, bringing back late 80’s metal. “Waiting For a Sign” is the name of the track you definitely should have heard. And last but not least the band also included an ultra-fast statement on “From the Dead”. “Kill Fascists” is a 16 seconds number that doesn't need more of an explanation.

Stallion and their new album prove again the knack of High Roller Records has for young metal bands with a lot of potential. In case you’re into traditional heavy metal with a retro touch you should check out “From the Dead”. But watch out. Better train your neck muscles beforehand since this album will put some demands on them.





  1. Underground Society
  2. Down and Out
  3. Hold the Line
  4. Waiting For a Sign
  5. From the Dead
  6. Kill Fascists
  7. Lord of the Trenches
  8. Blackbox
  9. Step Aside
  10. Awaken the Night


Label: High Roller Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: June 30st, 2017

CD review STALLION "From the Dead"
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