Manilla Road is a real dinosaur in epic metal. The guys can look back on four decades in metal with many years belonging to the group of heavily underestimated groups. Even though Manilla Road could gain a cult status in the underground the quartet never made it to the top. 

Fortunately things slightly changed over the last years with Manilla Road playing bigger festivals such as Bang Your Head and getting more in the well-deserved spotlight.

As a delight for all fans of the band Mark Shelton and Co. announced a new album entitled "To Kill a King". Release date is June 30 and the record comes via Golden Core Records. 


Manilla Road Line Up 2017:

Mark „The Shark“ Shelton – guitar

Bryan „Hellroadie“ Patrick – vocals

Andreas „Neudi“ Neuderth – drums

Phil E. Ross – bass


MANILLA ROAD announces a new album
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