JAG PANZER announces a new studio album

Legendary Jag Panzer has a new longplayer in the starting blocks. "The Deviant Chord" is the name of this upcoming longplayer that will be released on September 28th, via SPV/Steamhammer. This means that six years waiting period comes to an end.

Jag Panzer is about team spirit which also means that a band is more than just a few musicians that can come and play songs. This band is a unit that grew together over time and even disbanded a few years ago after two people left the band. But due to strong fanbase, step by step the appetite for Jag Panzer came back, also for the musicians involved. Some reunion shows even increased the hunger with the result of this new studio album. Stay tuned for more....



1.   Born Of The Flame 4:00

2.   Far Beyond All Fear 3:49

3.   The Deviant Chord 5:37

4.   Blacklist 4:19

5.   Foggy Dew 3:20

6.   Divine Intervention 3:30

7.   Long Awaited Kiss 6:16

8.   Salacious Behavior 4:07

9.   Fire Of Our Spirit 4:37

10. Dare 5:17



Mark Briody (g)

John Tetley (b)

Harry 'The Tyrant' Conklin (v)

Rikard Stjernquist (d)

Joey Tafolla (g)

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