CD review ARGUS "From Fields of Fire"

(8/10) Argus debut with a self-titled album in 2009 , followed by two more longplayers and some EP's. Each of these longplayers provides  a solid portion of metal for fans of powerful music. The quintet plays a mix of classic metal which they combine with some doom parts as well and there is a more epic component weaved in. Also the new album, entitled "From Fields of Fire" isn't an exception when it comes to these trademarks. 

An intro and an outro frames seven more traditional metal tracks with an oldschool vibe and expression; songs that are merciless without getting across as being 'dusty'. Argus manages to transfer this kind of music, that had a first peak in the early 80's, into the here and now. 

The heart of the album is the extremely long „Infinite Lives Infinite Doors“. Argus is anyhow a band that doesn’t look for the short and cripsy tunes. With the exception of the intro and outro things became pretty long. Six minutes running time per song is the averge with "Infinite Lives Infinite Doors“ standing out as an eleven minutes epos. Keeping a certain level of suspense over such a long running time means that some songwriting finesse is needed. The quintet adds it by kicking-off the tune with heavy riffing and Balich’s powerful metal vocals. This mixture of power metal and US metal turns into something calmer after a few minutes. Acoustic sounds take over for a while before the track slowly builds up again to a dynamic metal beast.

Talking about louder and calmer means also that I have to mention „No Right to Grieve“. Even though I don’t like the word ‚power ballad‘, this one is such a number that starts slow and silent, ending up as an intense and energetic metal track.

„From Fields of Fire“ is an album that will be loved by fans of traditional heavy metal. If you’re a person that likes mighty riffs, galloping beats and wide-range vocals with emotional depth, you should check out this longplayer. 





  1. Into the Fields of Fire 
  2. Devils of Your Time 
  3. As a Thousand Thieves 
  4. 216 
  5. You Are the Curse 
  6. Infinite Lives Infinite Doors 
  7. Hour of Longing 
  8. No Right to Grieve 
  9. From the Fields of Fire 


Label: Cruz Del Sur

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: September 8th, 2017

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