CD review ELOY „The Vision, the Sword and the Pyre (Part 1)“

(9/10) Eloy is the brainchild of German guitarist, singer and producer Frank Bornemann. The story of Eloy started back in 1971 with the debut album which means the band being almost as old as I am. Eloy based their name on the H.G. Wells novel „The Time Machine“. The story is about the ‚Elois‘, representing the positive side of human nature, being the light-hearted counterpart to the ‚Morlock’s' who lives in darkness. Over time Eloy became the spearhead of German progressive rock music, releasing many records between the beginning of the 70’s and the end of the 90’s. Then it became silent, with Eloy not being present as band/project. Still fans have not given up on them and constantly demanded new Eloy releases which led to two live albums that have seen the light of day between then and now, also leading to a next studio release in 2009 („Visionary“). This studio album paved the way for the newesr achievement since it created even more attention amongst very loyal fans.

„The Vision, the Sword and the Pyre“ is starting a new chapter that brings back the big soundscapes that are so typical for this band, being also one pillar for this impressive rock opera. It’s the life of Jeanne d’Arc as the chosen theme that connects the various tracks to one bigger total. Bornemann had the idea for such a longplayer already in the nineties but could never realize it - up to date. Now it’s part one of  „The Vision, the Sword and the Pyre“ that will be a delight for Eloy-fans and enthusiasts of progressive rock music.

This records stands in the tradition of rock operas like „The Wall“ and „Tommy“, featuring 13 compositions with exquisite rock music. What makes this work stand out from the rest is, amongst others, the vocals - from various perspectives. One thing is the terrific voice of Canadian singer Alice Merton who takes over the Jeanne d’Arc parts. Another specific with this production is the fact that there are no ‚dialogues‘ done in a singing fashion. This helps to intensify the different characters by expressing their thinking and view points. Already this fact shows that „The Vision, the Sword and the Pyre“ is more than a regular release. It emphasis the earlier describe hybrid of music and theater. „The Vision, the Sword and the Pyre“ is a wholistic experience that works already perfectly on an album and probably gain even more while being performed on stage.

Based on all this it’s useless to talk about some of the songs more specifically. This would not live up to the idea of the album. It’s impossible to describe some puzzle pieces for giving people an idea of how the entire picture looks like. 

This longplayer brings one of the most impactful German rock bands back on the scene and while you enjoy this longplayer there’s already more in the pipleline. A ‚part 2‘-album will follow in 2018 as a continuation of this fantastic release. What will accompany the albums will be a book and Bornemann plans to bring „The Vision, the Sword and the Pyre“ also on stage with a musical theater in a bigger dimension. Welcome back Eloy.





  1. The Age Of The Hundred Years' War 
  2. Domremy On The 6th Of January 1412 
  3. Early Signs ... From A Longed For Miracle 
  4. Autumn 1428 At Home 
  5. The Call 
  6. Vaucouleurs 
  7. The Ride By Night ... Towards The Predestined Fate 
  8. Chinon 
  9. The Prophecy 
  10. The Sword 
  11. Orléans 
  12. Les Tourelles 
  13. Why?


Label: Artist Station Records

Genre: Prog Rock

Release Date EU: August 25th, 2017

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