AVENGER "Prayers Of Steel/Depraved To Black Box" - Limit Vinyl Box Edition

The release date of the AVENGER albums „Prayers Of Steel“ and "Depraved To Black" on limited vinyl Box-edition is October 27th, 2017. The pre-order phase will start on October 13th, 2017 in our webshop. The Box is limited to 100 copies. The Boxset includes: 1 Doublevinyl "Prayers Of Steel" (orange/black Split) with 12 Bonustracks and Gatefold, 1 Vinyl "Depraved To Black" (gray/silver Split) wozj 4 Bonustracks and Insert, 1 T-Shirt and 1 lanyard.

By calling the name AVENGER aficionados of teutonic 80s Speed Metal go wild for more than three decades now. Hailing from Herne, with „Prayers Of Steel“ the quartet released a genre classic through Wishbone Records in spring 1985, that can’t be compared to anything. Sold out for many years, now there will be a double LP reissue through Pure Steel, packed with the second demo and some rehearsal stuff as bonus and limited to 566 copies. Even after 31 years, anthems such as „Battlefield“, „Prayers Of Steel“, „Faster Than Hell“ and „Assorted By Satan“ didn‘t lose anything of their initial power. The fast and raw drumming by Jörg Michael as well as the striking high pitched vocals of a young and wild Peavy Wagner are outstanding attributes, which are missing on releases of nowadays newcomer bands. Unfortunately, the band name should not last long since the young group wanted to avoid legal disputes with a British band of the same name. A renaming to Rage one year later seemed to be the only way out. What followed was German Metal history, which began with this masterpiece.

Also the EP „Depraved To Black“, originally released shortly after „Prayers Of Steel“, in August ’85 through Wishbone Records, is going to be released again on LP through us. Beside the high speed smashers „Down To The bone“ and the title track, there were two live versions of the album classics „Prayers Of Steel“ and „Faster Than Hell“, recorded at Metropol Aachen in spring 1985. Combined on one side for the original EP, the B side of our re-release is going to present the complete „Faster Than Hell“ demo from 1983; containing a non album track with „Destination Day“. Finest, ancient rawness for real aficionados, featuring a very young Peavy Wagner on vocals. A must have for every German Speed Metal maniac of long gone, old days!


Tracklist “Prayers Of Steel”

Side A

1. Battlefield

2. South Cross Union

3. Prayers Of Steel

4. Halloween

5. Sword Made Of Steel

Side B

6. Faster Than Hell

7. Adoration

8. Rise Of the Creature

9. Bloodlust

10. Assorted By Satan

Side C

1. Battlefield (Demo 2)

2. South Cross Union (Demo 2)

3. Adoration (Demo 2)

4. Bloodlust (Demo 2)

5. Prayers Of Steel (Rehearsal)

6. Seven Gates Of Hell (Rehearsal)

Side D

7. Halloween (Rehearsal)

8. Rise Of The Creature (Rehearsal)

9. Sword Made Of Steel (Rehearsal)

10. Faster Than Hell (Rehearsal)

11. Victim Of Rock (Rehearsal)

12. Assorted By Satan Faster Than Hell (Rehearsal)

Total Playing Time: 88:22 min


Tracklist "Depraved To Black":

Side A

1. Down To The Bone

2. Depraved To Black

3. Prayers Of Steel (Live)

4. Faster Than Hell (Live)

Side B

5. Faster Than Hell (Demo I)

6. Adoration (Demo I)

7. Destination Day (Demo I)

8. Assorted By Satan (Demo I)

Total Playing Time: 33:44 min


Line-up: "Prayers Of Steel"

Peter "Peavy" Wagner – vocals, bass

Jochen Schröder – guitars

Alf Meyerratken – guitars

Jörg Michael – drums


Line-up: “Depraved To Black":

Peter "Peavy" Wagner – vocals, bass

Jochen Schröder – guitars

Thomas Grüning – guitars

Jörg Michael – drums


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