CD review RADIO MOSCOW "New Beginning"

(7/10) Radio Moscow isn’t a Russian radio station. It’s actually a band that began to ‘broadcast’ rock music from Iowa to the world. In the meantime the trio moved to San Diego, California and releases their first album for Century Media; ten years after having revealed the self-titled debut.

“New Beginning” is the title of Radio Moscow’s newest musical achievement and due to the new label, the naming makes a lot of sense. Musically the tree-piece band contains staying on the road of classic rock music, that embeds a strong psychedelic touch and bluesy vibe.

Sometimes it’s a some Black Sabbath that shimmers through Radio Moscow's musical surface, but also Jimi Hendrix seems the be a strong influence (“No One Knows Where They've Been”).  It goes without saying that Anthony Meier and Paul Marrone provide a powerful beat for each of the ten tracks, but it’s Parker Griggs, whose voice and guitar makes a difference.  His gently, but intensively, singing Stratocaster gives the album a special feel that catches the listener after having listened to a few songs.

Even though the longplayer might not bring a lot of new to the table it’s still a very good thing that Radio Moscow is back ‘on the air’ again. This album comes with joyful and passionate rock music; not more, but also not less. This is worth seven points or, how the social media generation would say, “I like”.





  1. New Beginning
  2. Deceiver
  3. Woodrose Morning 
  4. Driftin'
  5. No One Knows Where They've Been
  6. Last To Know
  7. New Skin
  8. Pacing
  9. Pick Up The Pieces
  10. Dreams


Label: Century Media

Genre: Classic Rock

Release Date EU: September 29th, 2017

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