CD review THE BROTHERHOOD OF SONIC LOVE "The Brotherhood of Sonic Love"

(7/10) The Brotherhood of Sonic Love, what a band name. It’s as complicated as cool and it describes pretty well what this quintet is about. It’s about their love for sound and music that brought them to a point when these guys from Copenhagen had the chance to record an EP.

The self-titled four-track release has been release already a year ago, but the band has not a chance to reach a wider audience by adding a vinyl version to their offer. The Brotherhood of Sonic Love is a band that sounds spaced out and fancy. The guys found their own unconventional sound that is eternalized on this EP. The Botherhood Of Sonic Love’s foundation is the beauty of a simple riff, heavy distortions, some fuzz and a psychedelic vibe. All this leads to a special sound that needed a few spins before it turned into something more exciting to me.

The Brotherhood of Sonic Love is a band that stretches the borders of rock music while keeping this simple and to the point. These guys are far away from mainstream and if you dare to go for a noisy ride, this EP might bring some delight to you.





  1. Down in Style
  2. I Wanna Touch You
  3. Load and Explode
  4. Wrong Side of the Track


Label: Sonic Love Records

Genre: Psychedelic Fuzz Rock

Release Date EU: November 24th, 2017

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