CD review STRAY TRAIN "Blues from Hell"

(8/10) Well-done blues rock isn’t limited to certain geographical areas. It’s more about having the right vibe and feel for this kind of music, being one of the crucial prerequisites. If these can be combined with good musical craftsmanship and a proper production the result must be something good.

Stray Train from Slovenia is one of these band having all the tools in place for a good longplayer and they use their entire toolkit for each of the 12 songs on their new record “Blues from Hell”. The album combines hard rocking sounds, the emotional depth of blues and an excellent groove to a great total.

Things get out of the boxes very well with “Electrified”. The powerful rocker is living up to its title, electrifying the listener. “Heading for the Sun” follows and adds the groove to the album. The song is a kept a bit darker and it’s the gently singing guitar in the middle part that adds a lot to this great number.

“Blues from Hell” doesn’t comprise any weak spots. Based on a solid sound foundation the songs vary within a certain framework which gives the album the excitement needed. “Emona” for example is a melodic rocker, “Mad Machine” has a bit of a stoner vibe while “Love is Just a Breath Away” shows the calmer side of Stray Train.

I got a very positive impression of what I got to hear with “Blues from Hell”. Stray Train’s sophomore longplayer is a lively, soulful and well-crafted release that deserves some loops on your record player.





01. Electrified

02. Heading for the Sun

03. Days Gone

04. Emona

05. Mad Machine

06. Blues from Hell

07. House of cards

08. Love Is Just a Breath Away

09. My Baby’s Ride

10. Give It Away

11. No Easy

12. Miracle


Label: SAOL

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: November 24th, 2017

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