CD Review BLEEDING GODS “Dodekathlon”

(8/10) Bleeding Gods is the brainchild of Ramon Ploeg, known from death metal outfit Houwitser. The guitarist had a constant dream of running an own band whic, in the end, led to Bleeding Gods. It was in 2012 when the band, hailing from The Netherlands, began with writing some songs for a first demo tape. This tape was the springboard for a first release.

„Blood Symphony“ was the first EP that was published, with the debut following one year later. After some line-up changes Bleeding Gods started to work on the sophomore longplayer. Ramon Ploeg, Mark Huisman, Rutger van Noordenburg, Gea Mulder and Daan Klemann, these five guys are Bleeding Gods and it‘s this five-piece band that recorded with „Dodekathlon“ an excellent death metal album.

„Dodekathlon“ features twelve songs, which is not a coincident. The record is a build on a concept that goes back to the Greek myth and Hercules. Hercules was facing twelve labors over a period of twelve years. Bleeding Gods used this story with each songs addressing one of the twelve tasks. 

„Dodekathlon“ is a real thunderbolt. The quintet combines death metal with some thrash influences, all with a brutal groove and some symphonic elements.

The album starts spectacularly. Razorblade-sharp riffs in combination with deep growls are a rock solid foundation for the opener, entitled “Bloodguilt”.

“Beloved By Artemis” is another highlight on a terrific album. Built on a massive wall of guitars the tune reminds me, with its intensity, of Bolt Thrower.

Bleeding Gods aren’t afraid of adding some calmer moments to the album. The interlude “Tyrannical Blood” is one of them. It’s a well-placed acoustic intermission, which makes the following “Seeds of Distrust” even more powerful.

Another track I can recommend is the almost seven minutes epos “Tripled Anger”. It’s a sphereful keyboard sounds that introduces this cornerstone. After a minute of bombastic and gloomy soundscapes the tune turns into an aggressive death metal anthem that keeps the melody alive in many sections. The middle part with spoken words and melodic leads dominating the scene, is one of these moments. These calmer parts are surrounded by raging death metal riffs and growls which makes the tune to a multi-layered one. Terrific work.

“Dodekathlon” is the first death metal highlight this year. I like this longplayer and if Hercules would have had this longplayer and some earphones, each of the twelve assignments would have been much easier for him.





  1. Bloodguilt (Nemean Lion)
  2. Multiple Decapitation (Lernaean Hydra)
  3. Beloved Artemis (Ceryneian Hind)
  4. From Feast to Beast (Erymanthian Boar)
  5. Inhuman Humiliation (Augean Stables)
  6. Birds of Hate (Stymphalian Birds)
  7. Savior of Crete (Cretan Bull)
  8. Tyrannical Blood (Mares of Diomedes)
  9. Seeds of Distrust (Belt of Hippolytus)
  10. Tripled Anger (Cattle of Geryon)
  11. Hera’s Orchard (Apples of the Hesperides)
  12. Hound of Hell (Cerberus)


Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: January 12th, 2018

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