CD review WILSON & WAKEMAN "The Sun Will Dance in its Twilight Hour"

(9/10) For the second time Damian Wilson and Adam Wakeman combines forces for releasing a new longplayer. "The Sun Will Dance in its Twilight Hour" will be published on February 16th this year and feature ten new songs of this extraordinary duo. 

One of the main ingredients for this brilliant album is Damian Wilson's outstanding voice that shows to advantage with this kind of gentle rock music. The singer and guitarist has an great sense for enriching the soulful songs on the album with his voice that is soft when needed while always powerful and emotional. 

Next to Wilson it's the Adam Wakeman's piano that gives the album its special expression and soul. It's this combination that sparks excitement while listening to great tunes such as "Better Than That", the sensitive "Red Socks", the rocking "The Last American Hero" and the title track, a song that would perfectly fit into a piano bar environment.

"The Sun Will Dance in its Twilight Hour" is an acoustic rock album that stands out. The album reflects musical expertise combined with a lot of feel and emotions. This album is the counterpart for hectic daily life and it's a treat for soul and mind. It's an oasis of calmness that's simply beautiful. Check it out.





  1. The Last American Hero
  2. On This Battlefield
  3. Always the Lonely One
  4. Blackpool Clip Joint Racket
  5. Laugh in Time
  6. Better Than That
  7. RedSocks
  8. Shining a Light on a Miracle
  9. Tried and Tested
  10. The Sun Will Dance in its Twilight Hour


Label: Blacklake

Genre: Acoustic Rock

Release Date EU: February 16th, 2018

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