CD review BULLET "Dust to Gold"

(7/10) There isn't that much distraction in Småland in general and also Växjö isn't the center of entertainment either. So what should you do in order to not waste your time and having fun rather than hanging out. Indeed, you start your own band. This could have been the thinking of Hell Hofer and bandmates before starting Bullet.

The band was formed in 2001 and in the meantime some full-length longplayers got up to surface with the newest one waiting to be shipped to the record stores. "Dust to Gold" is the promising title of Bullet's newest strike, a record that comes with 12 powerful metal anthems.

One of the bands highlights for for sure their tour with the mighty AC/DC. It's more than obvious that the rock legend from Down Under had an impact on Bullet's sound, esp. in the past. But Bullet is more than that. The band is generally inspired by oldschool heavy metal. 

"Dust to Gold" is an uncompromising record and songs are mainly kept fast and furious. "Speed and Attack" breaks first ground and is an opener per excellence. Judas Priest could have delivered the blueprint for this metal anthem. The AC/DC links became less over time and Bullet shifted their sound more towards traditional heavy metal. The mentioned Judas Priest are just one of these influencing factors but also records of German metal warriors Accept must have span many times in Växjö. 

If the entirety of all songs has enough potential to turn 'dust to gold' is something future will tell. What I miss a bit is the variety of sounds. Each of the tunes on the album is a well-crafted one. But after a while things became a bit lengthy by following the same pattern from beginning to end. Anyhow, Bullet's new longplayer is a dynamic one. "Dust to Gold" sound authentic and down-to-earth. It's the essence of metal you get served with this longplayer and that's worth enough to give this album a loop on your record-player





  1. Speed And Attack 
  2. Ain't Enough 
  3. Rogue Soldier 
  4. Fuel The Fire 
  5. One More Round 
  6. Highway Love 
  7. Wildfire 
  8. Screams In The Night
  9. Forever Rise 
  10. The Prophecy 
  11. Hollow Grounds 
  12. Dust To Gold  


Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: April 20th, 2018


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