Good news for FIFTH ANGEL fans

Fifth Angel is one of the best melodic Heavy Metal bands of all times! Both their first two albums are true classics and have stood the test of time easily.

Fifth Angel released their self-titled debut album in 1986, the successor 'Time Will Tell' was released in 1989. Both albums have been out of print for a while and will get a luxury treatment for these re-issues. Expect the following on release date, May 18th!

Fifth Angel - 'Fifth Angel'
• Digi-CD
• 180g black vinyl
• grey marbled vinyl (EU exclusive - ltd. 300)
• orange/red splattered vinyl (EU exclusive - ltd. 200)

Fifth Angel - 'Time Will Tell'
• Digi-CD
• 180g black vinyl
• transparent lime-green vinyl (EU exclusive - ltd. 300)
• white/black splattered vinyl (EU exclusive - ltd. 200)

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